group coaching

cosmicdreamers-mysticmamma-290x290the space to come together and transform in true community.

sitting in sacred circles.

seeing each other reflected in the other

catalyzing change within the power of the group.

it is the space to

*share and speak your truths

*to know that you are not alone and to relish in your shared humanity.

*to listen to each other in ways that bring forth your greatest gifts.

*to be vision keepers for each other as you manifest your visions.

*to be witnessed and supported in the fulfillment of your intentions.

magic happens when you come together in true community!

each series of sessions i will be facilitating the space and we will be focusing on themes that will support you in connecting with what is true for you. you will walk away with tools to cultivate more joy and love, deepen into your gifts, make more empowered choices and manifest your visions.

click here for the next circle focusing on LOVE

please bring a pen and a notebook to write in