work with me


allow me to support you in actualizing your fullest potential.

it doesn’t have to be doesn’t have to be scary. and you definitely don’t have to do it alone.

there is no one size fits all approach. there are no 5 steps to eternal happiness. it is a process.
a journey of self discovery.

we are all unique. we all excel and move through the world in different ways.

some of us are here to go out and just do it. others of us are designed to wait for the right invitation. some of us have a very clear direction in life. others of us are here to try on many different ways of being and in time we become wise around our direction.

my intention is to support you in aligning with the truth of who you are. beyond who you think you should be. deconstructing the conditioned self imposed by your upbringing, society, family, peers, etc, so you can find freedom. freedom to discover and express your true nature.

freedom to create and experience love, joy, abundance and living a life on purpose.

i invite you to peruse the various options to work with me and see which one feels right.

it would be my honor and my pleasure to partner with you in the manifestation of your desires.

be it in a one on one coaching program or human design reading,  or one of my coaching circles or all of the above.

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