if anything were possible… what would you do? dream BIG, drop in and let your heart shine!


the art of conscious creation

vision circle– name and claim your dreams

breathwork- clear the way for them

qigong– connect and anchor them in

dance– manifest them by celebrating them



  • photo 2vision circle– through guided meditation and sharing we will explore what your hearts desires are. asking the question..if anything were possible… what would you do? energy follows awareness. the clearer we are around what our dreams are and how it will FEEL to live them, the faster we do.
  • breathwork– is an active meditation practice that facilitates the shift from head to heart, from resistance to flow, from fear to love. in heart*shine we focus on clearing any blockages to connecting with our hearts desires and our ability to consciously create our dreams.
  • photo 1qigong– This ancient Chinese practice integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention.  You’ll discover how to connect with your life force to more powerfully create your life..
  • dance– through celebration we raise our frequency to be in alignment with what we want to create. we FEEL our dreams into manifestation. we move out into the world radiating a frequency that will call in and attract our deepest desires.

testimonials: “heart*shine is pure bliss. From beginning to end, I felt held and nurtured in a safe space, free to express, explore and celebrate the beauty of my being. Lisa is uniquely brilliant in her ability to lift our spirits to grea heights yet still maintain a grounded energy which helped me integrate the healing that took place into my life immediately. Lisa’s training as a life coach, her wealth of knowledge/experience and her overall approach make heart*shine a turning point – a starting point – for dream manifestation in your reality. In spite of my efforts, I cannot express in words how much I enjoyed the 2.5 hours I spent with Lisa at heart*shine. Visualization, breath work, movement: A recipe for overcoming obstacles, breaking through blocks, and learning to love yourself. I highly recommend coming to heart*shine with strong intentions to make it happen because Lisa will take you there!” ~ Megan Attore

“It’s happening. It’s happening!! Excitement pulsated through my being as I felt my deepest desires happening. Lisa had guided me into this space through the flow of heart*shine. Holding space for all of us to move beyond the words of our manifestations into feeling our manifestations. The feeling part is the magic spot and heart*shine takes us there. Her class is a hidden treasure I always look forward to taking and recommend to anyone seeking more power in their manifestations. Plus it simply is a hell of a lot of fun!” ~ Eliza Kane

“Sooo this class is off the charts! It is a journey into your beingness. Lisa creates a safe and love-filled space for you to really get present and be there for the experience.She first guides you through a beautiful heart centered meditation, then you move into setting an intention. Then we connect to our bodies through some delicate qi gong, which is so gentle and graceful and gets you feeling YOUR energy. From there we start our movement. The movement is whatever it is that feels correct right then, no rules, no steps, just you and your body in alignment with your intention. My body was able to move through a variety of feelings and agitations and nervousness and into play and beauty and grace and ME. I am grateful for Lisa who has created this journey for us to come together and experience more joy and really have a space to anchor into our dreams!”-Brooke D.