“lisa is first and foremost and amazing supporter, listener, facilitator and vision keeper. kq i joined her circle because i felt called to truly clarify and distill my vision of what love can and will look like in my life.i arrived a bit salty to the idea – i had already done the journaling, the artists’s way, the law-of-attracting, the “work” – basically. and i felt a little snarky to begin. but through lisa’s direction, her voice like honey, her guided meditations….i opened, i softened, i surrendered and i gave myself to this special process that helped cushion my heart, tailored my vision of my Beloved, and warmed me back to my life as IT IS RIGHT NOW. her weekly meetings had me hysterical with laughter and hysterical with tears – and every moment was truly priceless to my journey with CALLING IN THE ONE.  lisa has a natural gift to safely hold space, integrate Spirit, and speak with devotional love for every woman that joins her circle. this was truly a pivotal time in my life that i often refer to as a “game-changer and shape-shifter” sorta-experience. in gratitude, thank you lisa.”

kelley quintia
family therapist, yoga teacher, photographer
los angeles

The time spent working with Lisa as my life coach has been life changing. Initially she evaluated and explained my Human Design Chart. This was an extremely accurate and valuable tool which we referred to in many of the coaching sessions. Lisa used a holistic approach which addressed many important interconnected areas in my life.
After hitting midlife( or it hitting me) and realizing I wanted to to improve my health and wellness, and also deepen satisfaction with my career and key relationships, I was referred to Lisa. For this I will be forever grateful !
Lisa helped me find activities and practices to implement which then become experiences that led to a shift in how I react to outside forces, my own internal self  connection, and make permanent changes in the area of health and wellness.  She created a wonderful example by holding open space for me, which enabled me to do the same for others. This has made a tremendous improvement in my ability to connect deeply with others.
I am a person that is always in my head. My dreams, hopes, and desires constantly running thru my thoughts. Lisa was able to suggest ways in which I could make these reality. Actions I could take, productive loving conversations to have, and do this from the heart without fear. Lisa has gently guided me on my path, and I feel confident and excited to continue on this amazing journey.
With much love and gratitude!
Business Owner
Atlanta, Georgia

“When my friend recommended a life coach I had no idea what that meant. Little did I know that after just seven weeks of working with Lisa, my entire life would change (all for the better). Lisa helped me figure out what it was that I truly wanted out of my life and wasn’t getting. From there, we spent seven weeks working out how best to get it. In that time, I was offered an amazing new job across the country and Lisa supported me in that process and showed me all of the possibilities that will come with this change. Therapy never really worked for me but Lisa’s life coaching has changed my life. She helps pinpoint what from my past is affecting my present and quickly helps me figure out how to change my patterns so it opens up new opportunities for the future. I feel excited about today and tomorrow when I finish a session with Lisa. I am truly grateful that our paths crossed – I hope to work with her for years to come. My life has become richer and better with her advice and guidance.”

Lara Bandler
Director of PR
San Francisco

“I have been seeking to find my path and purpose for over 15 yearsme now. I have gone on meditation retreats, done countless astrology and psychic readings, worked with healers and therapists – you name it! Once Lisa did my Human Design Chart she was able to get really specific about who I am and what my strategy in life is. What makes her approach so effective is that she was able to customize her coaching approach with me based on my own unique chart. She understood me better in one day than any therapist or healer has been able to do in years and consequently has given me the results I have been searching for for so long. I have clarity and feel empowered to pursue my biggest dreams! I am so grateful and highly recommend Lisa to anyone ready to live their best life.”
Irina Lazar
Business & Project Development Consultant
New York City

Lisa is truly amazing.  In just one of our sessions, she was able to cut through all of my confusion and emotion in less than 5 minutes and really get to the heart of the matter.  By 20 minutes into the session, I was having a breakthrough on a family issue that had been bothering me for most of my life.  She showed me how to honor myself, trust my instincts and have a healing conversation with my sister in a way that I never would have been able to do without her.   As a result, I am finally at peace with an issue I’ve been struggling with my entire life.   Honestly, Lisa is a God-send.  She is so good at what she is doing that you would be crazy to not work with her.  As a business coach myself, I’ve worked with and mentored hundreds of coaches.  Lisa is one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with and I’m just glad I have her on my team.  Thanks, Lisa.  I am lucky to have found you.

Monica Shah, MBA,
Breakthrough Business Specialist
New York City

“thanks so much for your wise and graceful manner of facilitating our group. photo It makes the transformative work much more have a unique and masterful way of truly listening to our deep desires, our souls longings, some of which has not come to our own consciousness as yet. you remember them, and refer us back to these yearnings, reminding us of why exactly we are here. the books we are using provides a reference point, but the real work is done in the confines of the group, in our sessions. you are a community builder, and you hold the space for us to become our best selves. i have had many aha moments in these sessions and a profound  breakthrough around old woundings  that has been totally life changing.  how can I thank you enough!?! these classes are way more than I expected, I am so grateful that I followed my instincts and joined in the work. you are brilliant, and we all shine brightly in your presence.”

maureen murphy
visual artist
los angeles

“taking lisa de narvaez’s ‘calling in the one’ workshop was nothing short of a life-changing experience.  in truth, as lisa often says, it’s really about calling in yourself — getting your internal and external selves aligned so that your true beloved has the opportunity to enter.  lisa created a sacred space — it was supportive, safe, challenging, emotional and often very fun.  the course quickly became the highlight of my week.  imagine magnetizing yourself in an intentional way and watching with wonder for how the world responds.  if you are willing to show up and do the work — it absolutely works.  it’s real.  and I am tremendously grateful.  lisa taught me to get clear about what I really value and need in a partner, fearlessly ask for it, and then courageously open my heart and accept the miracle of this person when he arrived.  i  tell everyone close to me who is looking for the love of their lives to take this course.  take it now.  there is nothing more important than cultivating the ability to love and be loved — and no better guide than lisa.”

melissa j
film maker, writer
los angeles

Thank you so very much for the profound Human Design reading this evening . You are eloquent in your delivery, tuned into me as an individual and presented to me a perfectly aligned description of who I am.  Your insights as to how best to respond to my design are right on with what I have learned to be true and I walk away with much to integrate for who I am to become with grace and ease. Your work is truly remarkable and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing it with me.

Marlena Rich
Boulder, Colorado

“Lisa’s group is about love, expansion and awareness. Scan0001I look forward to it each week. She has provided a sacred space for me to go deeper and expand into new areas of awareness. In her very perceptive way, and with profound insight, she encourages each of us in the group to explore our feelings and/or the topic with greater authenticity and depth. We learn from her, each other and the wonderful synergy of the group. Lisa is a wise and inspiring teacher for “Calling in the One”.  She added great insight to each chapter and applied it lovingly to our individual situations for personal growth and expansion. I liked the class so much I am taking it for the second time with Lisa..”

shirley nason mitchell
los angeles

“Simply put, Lisa, you invited me to delight in my life and now I do. Your support, your knowledge, your wisdom, your humour, your tenderness, your focus have encouraged me to let go of the old self (a deeply resistant, intellectual, academic, professional woman) and nurture a new self who experiences JOY! The sessions we share allow me a safe environment to explore the challenges in my life – challenges that once overwhelmed me. Completing the preparation form, talking with you via SKYPE and accepting the “homework” tasks we devise provide me with a process that encourages me to explore all the positive ways I can nurture my Self and create a life I love. I love the way you listen. You hear my words. You also hear my head and my heart and any number of selves within me who need voices. You honour me with your listening. I love that you can tenderly and respectfully open me up to new ways of viewing my Self and my life and my world. Your life coaching encourages me to remain faithful to my intention to open myself to the abundance of the Universe. I love that you facilitate my intention to live a life of integrity: mind, body, heart and soul.  Our sessions continue to teach me how to honor all these modes of being.  Your insights assist me as I balance fluidity with stability and as I move from incubation to integration to manifestation.  Thank you, Lisa!”

Dr. M.M

Engaging with Lisa and the inspiring people in our group gave me a chance to expand my consciousness and attain new awareness of my own needs, desires, and patterns of behavior.S. Fisher Headshot Lisa has a calm, serene intelligent presence which had me trust her as a facilitator.  The work was life changing.  I gained wonderful insights into my own patterns and was inspired by the group and individual stories and struggles to change the way I relate in the world.  Lisa was the gifted, insightful and loving presence that guided all of us with her laser-like focus into our essential issues.  She is truly a lovely and loving holder of the sacred space we created.  I am still in the process of meeting and finding the special person I wish to share my life with, but that search is coming from a deeper, grounded understanding of myself. Very empowering!!

Susan Fisher
Los Angeles

Lisa is a miracle worker! In a few short months she’s helped me to change my life and make my dream business a reality. She’s supported and guided me, seeing me through the (sometimes) emotional ups and downs. Lisa made me believe that I could do it and kept me on track, not getting distracted by life’s details. I would HIGHLY recommended anyone have a Lisa in their life! I wouldn’t have been able to do this without her.

Jess Wright
Production Manager
London, UK

I highly recommend Lisa as a life coach. I took the “Calling in the One” program with her after I had a couple of nasty break-ups and chronic health issues. The things I realized about myself in 12 weeks with Lisa were simply amazing—it was like accelerated therapy that went really deep and was so clear and insightful. She challenged me to look truthfully at how I was seeing myself and to understand and alter some core false beliefs. The magic with working with Lisa is that you don’t realize how much you are changing until you’re talking to her and catching her up on your week. She’ll stop you and praise you for how open you’ve become in your life, or how much you’re now standing up for yourself…She’s all about positive feedback and taking a moment for it to sink in and reveling in your own accomplishments. I’m now back on the dating scene and have so many tools to keep me sane throughout this journey! Thank you, Lisa, for helping me grow and let go of those things that were holding me back!

Web Copy Manager
New York City

I find that having you as a coach has been a roadmap to success and allowed me to really achieve things I set out to do. I have always been active and had lots of goals. They sometimes came to fruition and others, stayed in the “thought” stage rather than the “act” stage. You help me sort thru things, really set concrete goals and timelines and then hold myself accountable to completing things. I am learning a different way to see and really think things through, and also how to make the process you are teaching/showing me really become part of my day to day life (both professionally and personally). It’s amazing to me that 1 conversation a week can have such an impactful significance and for that, I thank you so much. Your clarity, patience and guidance are truly inspiring!!”

Fernanda Bressan
Outreach Director

Lisa creates a warm, safe, healing space within which to explore and grow.  mw headshotA devoted facilitator, she has a broad range of knowledge which she uses with refreshing creativity, keen insight and deep intuition.  She is extraordinarily kindhearted.  Her groups attract unique, wise, intelligent, imaginative women.  I leave each session energized and inspired!

megan welch
writer, artist
los angeles

Lisa’s reading was so illuminating! Ive done a lot of self work over the years but this was the most illuminating reading I haveever had. It’s like getting a users manual for yourself. Everything she said was spot on!  I’m getting a reading for my sister for her Bday!There is truly nothing to fear from her readings, it’s just really affirmingand empowering! And Lisa herself is such a gorgeous presence! I can’t imagine anyone who would not benefit from her insight!Thank you Lisa!!

Caroline O’Brien

Lisa’s human design readings are amazing! Her precise and inspired reading showed me things about myself that help me to understand my own personal system for working in the world. I immediately felt more effective, confident, and at peace with who I am and with what matters to me.

Spencer Orey
Phd Candidate
Cultural Anthropology

“I was looking for a group where I could explore my creativity in a safe and supportive environment and I found it in both of the groups I attended with Lisa. paris headHer ability to create a place where you can share and be heard is what makes attending her groups such a rare experience. She facilitates with a light hand and allows the group’s energy to emerge and go where it needs to go for the benefit of each person as well as the group. At the same time there  is space for process, there is also a focus to each of the sessions and all are held accountable to setting intentions for moving forward. Lisa has a laser sharp ability to find the essence of what people are saying and gently encourages us to explore deeper. She allows the space and time to really reflect, yet doesn’t do this at the expense of the group. If you are looking for a place to thrive, explore, and grow I would strongly recommend attending one of her sessions.”

kathleen terry
master coach and facilitator
los angeles

As a lawyer, I deal with many high calibre professionals and I can say with confidence that Lisa is at the top of her game. Lisa led me towards execution of an audacious plan and I am now realizing my aspirations. Her insight, breadth of skills and transformational focus have made a marked difference in my life. She is a commendable coach. Thank you Lisa.

Shanti Rubens
Melbourne, Australia

Lisa De Narvaez’s Human Design System is a unique way of approaching personality and life decision- making processes.  I found my reading informative, validating and helpful since I came away with some specific strategies to use when I need to make choices that may be profound or impacting in my life.  Lisa is a smart, intuitive, and gentle coach, and I would recommend her to my friends without reservation.

Susan Fisher
Actor/Arts Educator/Tutor
Los Angeles

My name is Martin Jenkins and I coach CEO’s and financiers with organizations such as Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Apax Partners, Santander, Permia, Moore Capital, Citadel Group, Blackstone etc. As someone who has a long track record in the business, I can categorically state that she is a coach of the highest calibre. Lisa has enabled me to gain insights and awarenesses that have transformed my ability to produce results in my business and personal life. As someone who takes the business of coaching seriously, I recommend Lisa unreservedly.

Martin Jenkins

“I highly recommend attending Lisa’s ‘Calling in “The One” 7 week group session.DSCF0105 I had heard about this book, but was turned off by the title. After meeting Lisa and receiving her invitation to her course I made a choice to delve in deeper to what the book had to offer. I was pleasantly surprised by the contents of this book and how Lisa’s way of being and her group facilitation, has truly enhanced my experienceof the material shared in this book. My awareness of myself and my life has changed so significantly, that I am attending Lisa’s 7 week group session for a second time! Thank you Lisa!

Amie G.
transfomational healer/ writer
Los Angeles

Last year I found myself wildly out of balance as a new mother.  New responsibilities and a major shift in priorities had me questioning my own direction — something I had never experienced in life. Lisa’s personality could not be more suited to what she does.  She is an excellent listener, she is articulate, intelligent, kind and sincere and her technique has obviously been well thought out. There seemed to be a rhyme and a reason for everything we did.  Within a few weeks, I felt incredibly rejuvenated, inspired, and clear-minded. I love love love the almost invisible way she nudged me toward my highest dreams. Within a month, I had made a career change, and was on the path to realizing the life I wanted.

Emily Klein
Costa Rica

“Having spent the past 10 + years as a consultant, I can sincerely state that working with Lisa has been one of the most valuable tools in my development.  Her gift to see clearly and provide unbiased insights is always spot on.  Lisa has been the secret weapon in removing potential barriers that might otherwise have blocked me from achieving my goals in each area of my life. I happily and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to experience his/her greatest potential.”

Sarah Schadegg
Evalueserve Senior Consultant

It’s one of those things where you get what you put in … but the supportive spirit of the group as well as Lisa’s spot-on insights and compassion make you want to whole-heartedly dive into the book and show up having done your “homework.” It’s not just the string of epiphanies one has that allows you to see how much more we can give ourselves and others — but the fact that there’s practical exercises that make implementing positive changes and inner shifts accessible.
I feel much more clear about what I’m looking for and more aware about the way I’m showing up in relationships. As you commit to the work and honestly sharing, things seem to pop out of nowhere (yes, sometimes the opposite sex!) that allow you to practice what you’re learning. For my group, I think it set off a wave of powerful synchronicities and delivered the lessons that were most personal and helpful for us.
Did I leave with the “One?” No(t yet). … but I left feeling equipped with the tools to be in fulfilling relationships, a sense of positive expectation and more importantly, called in a more authentic connection with myself — which is what Lisa will be the first to tell you this group is really all about. Everything else is the icing. 🙂

los angeles

“Your coaching was fantastic. I found that your professional, non-judgemental and focused approach pushed me without making me feel bad about the previous decisions I had made.  I was confronted with issues I needed to address without feeling that there was only one answer. The biggest benefit I got from working with you was a more solid work focus. Because I was unsure of my desire to do what I am currently doing, I was not as focused, efficient or energetic in my job. Now I am enjoying what I am doing because I worked through the issues I needed to. I get more accomplished in less time. You helped me on a journey that came full circle and at times it felt as if you were a guide, a partner, and a friend. That is a great combination. Thanks for everything!”

Andy Van Horn
Director of Sales
Los Angeles

My name is Gena Surphlis and I was absolutely amazed with my results from my coaching sessions with Lisa. Her professional coaching skills enabled me to channel the strength inside of me so that I could organize and execute the tasks needed to improve my career. With her help I am now in the midst of achieving my dreams. Her calm nature; meditation and writing exercises; and impartial viewpoints is what makes her the perfect life coach. I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa to anyone who needs a positive spirit to make their dreams a reality!

Gena Surphlis
Customer Service Manager
New York City

I love the practical and inspiring way you coach! I found your work exciting, uplifting and grounding at the same time. As soon as I met with you, wrote my goals and my intentions down, the path opened up for me and set me off on an amazing path! Thank you so much for everything. You’re a wonderful coach!

Kristen Klein
Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist
Costa Rica

Lisa is the best! She really has helped me to see my potential and unleash my super powers. After just one session with her I got a job offer in a field I had aspirations in but no experience in. Whenever I get stuck, she helps me to unstick. The best part is she makes you figure it out. She guides you but never puts words in your mouth. It is so much more powerful when I come to the realization on my own (rather then having someone tell me)  and I say the words that help me move forward. The important thing is to do the work. She can help you only if you allow yourself to be helped. You have to be open, honest and ready. When you are, magic happens.

Vanessa Contessa Salle
Los Angeles

I am so grateful to have had a reading with Lisa. Most interestingly, the reading has helped me understand more about my blessings and limitations and how to make the best of my gifts. Although, I am still learning to use my human design strategy (and sometimes the hard way) I have seen how much of a positive impact it is already having. Lisa’s warmth, humour and knowledge are abundant!…I felt as if I was sitting down with a friend whom I’d known for years, who was able to help me with a huge issue. Not only has the session helped me, it has helped in my family life by understanding how my daughter’s strategy works also by enhancing how we communicate. Big up’s to Lisa!

Sam Steele
mom and artist
New Zealand

I had my human design done by lisa over the phone a few weeks ago. it was amazingly eye opening and hugely helpful. one of the best things i’ve ever done. check it out! —

Cara Joy
Theta Healer, Sound Balancer and Massage Therapist
Stowe, Vermont