tumblr_lmglqm2QA31qir5mpo1_400Breathwork or Pranayamic Breathing is a simple and powerful practice. An active meditation, based on ancient rhythmic breathing technique, that quickly neutralizes the thinking part of the mind, shifting your energy and clearing blockages held in your body’s cellular memory, opening you to receive insights, access your creativity and experience a true sense of freedom.

Through this practice you are able to access your body’s innate wisdom. It will reveal and release what is needed, creating the space  and shifts necessary for you to move forward in your life. This work is simple and yet can be life changing.

I offer individual or group breathwork healing sessions in-person or over skype. I also incorporate them into my coaching packages to support your process of transformation on a cellular level and if desired, showing you how to establish it as a daily meditation practice that is tremendously effective and swift for the western mind.

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