what i learned and what i can share with you

534528_10151092255956841_2140267417_ni have learned that to be able to hold space and be a guide on the path for another we need to have walked the path ourselves.

after many years of “walking”,  this is what i learned and what i am happy to share with you…

i learned how to listen, how to be present, how to navigate and embrace change.

how to feel my feelings, how to feel others feelings, how to communicate effectively, how to speak my truth.

how to connect with people from all walks of life.

how to take responsibility.

how to honor my body and myself. how to care for myself, how to eat in a nourishing way and find my own balance.

i learned how to help others do the same and how to support them in moving forward in their lives.

i developed my intuition, my ability to sense where people are at and where they are struggling and how to help them move forward.

i learned how to help people connect to what they long for and to clear what get’s in the way of making it happen.

i learned how to guide people in connecting to their bodies both through yoga and through nutrition and self awareness.

i learned how to be patient with the process.

i learned that there are many paths and that in the end they all lead to the same place and the journey is to find our own way.

i learned how much our beliefs and thoughts are manifested in our experiences.

i learned that we can shift our experience of life by becoming aware of and shifting the beliefs that we hold.

i learned how to trust in life, trust in myself.

and… i am still always all ways learning.